At GrooveCycle, we believe that a healthy mind and spirit is equally as important as a healthy body. This is why our workouts have been designed with one thing in mind…YOU. Music is the driving force of all of our classes, and through this our aim is to inspire, encourage you to let go and find your individual groove, not only in class but in every day life.
Routines are tailored to each track, creating the perfect combination of music and moves, resulting in the ultimate GROOVE!
GROOVECYCLE is a full-body workout that has been specially curated to take you on a euphoric music lead journey. We cycle to the rhythm of different tempos and musical genres, resulting in an uplifting, feel good party atmosphere. Our workouts are enjoyable, yet challenging with the use of hand weights and upper body choreography, designed to reflect the energy and vibe of the music. The GrooveCycle journey is liberating and inspires you to do your best and find your individual groove.
GROOVECYCLE DANCE has a stronger dance and choreography element. Like in a dance class, the routines will be carefully broken down into sections then put together in a sequence. Routines are choreographed to a single track selected for each class. As well as working your cardio and full body, GrooveCycle Dance will challenge and improve your memory and co-ordination, in an enjoyable way. First timers and 'two left feet' groovers are all welcome!
GROOVE is a dance fitness workout that takes you on a journey through music and movement. Inspiring you to move, find your groove and have fun, while improving your health and other areas of your life. This class encourages ALL abilities to get on their feet and GROOVE. With an emphasis on helping gain confidence and an understanding of basic dance moves and techniques - this class will improve your overall health, fitness, co-ordination, rhythm and memory in an enjoyable and welcoming environment.
GROOVE will wake up your whole body, mind and spirit.






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